Welcome to Pie Empire!

We make savory handheld pies, made from scratch from premium Vermont ingredients. Look for a variety of tasty fillings—Steak and Ale, Chicken and Bacon, Curry Chicken, Buffalo Chicken, Indian Vegetable, and more—all encased in flaky, handmade pastry.

This winter, we’ll be at Foam Brewers in Burlington every other Friday from 2-6pm, and Simple Roots Brewery in Burlington’s New North End once a month. Check our calendar for dates. You will be able to preorder pies for each event. We recommend preordering for large orders, or if you want to make sure you get the pies you want! We’ll also have pies for purchase and eating onsite.

We’ll also be holding a limited series of home delivery days in certain regions. Sign up for our email list to be in the loop on home deliveries.

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If you have any questions, please email us at pieempirevt@gmail.com

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