We make savory handheld pies, made from scratch by hand from premium Vermont ingredients. All of our meat comes from local Vermont farms. 

In the summer, we are at the Richmond and Jericho Farmers’ Markets. In the winter, you can get them at local breweries or straight from us!

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Why meat pies?

Because they are delicious!

Sold in just about every bakery in Australia and New Zealand, these rich, flaky handheld meat pies are perfect anytime, anywhere.

We fell in love with pies while traveling there, and now we are bringing them to you!

We use premium Vermont meats, local vegetables when we can get them, and no sketchy fillers.



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  1. Just Brilliant! Congrats on making the finest meat pies south of the Canadian Border. Well done.

  2. Hi,
    I bought one of your pulled pork pies yesterday at the Richmond Farmers Market. It was absolutely delicious!! The combination of the pulled pork, potatoes and corn was just right and the crust was perfect. Thanks for bringing meat pies to Richmond.

    Do you sell these some place else during the week where I could get some?

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